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Rackets and Net

Junior Tennis for all Levels


There are two distinct Programs at the Academy. One is our Recreational After School Program, and the other is the Elite Program.  Our classes are based on two criteria which are age and skill level. A simple interview with one of our instructors can assist you on which program is the right one for your junior. We offer a free trial class, which is a great place to start! If you have any questions, please see an instructor for more information. 

Academy Program Details

• Payment in full is required before beginning a session.

• Rain or shine, the program is always in session. 

• Missed classes do not carry over to the next session.

• All sessions run for 4 weeks. Late starts are always welcomed and are prorated. 

Fall Session Start Dates

Sessions run for 4 consecutive weeks unless otherwise indicated.

If you miss a start date, no problem, we can prorate the session so you can start anytime!

• Session 1 begins week of January 8th 

• Session 2 begins week of Febraury 5th

• Session 3 begins week of March 4th

• Session 4 begins week of April 1st 

• Session 5 begins week of April 29th

What You Need to Bring

More advanced groups have greater requirements for equipment, but the following is a basic guideline for the Recreational Program.

• Non-marking shoes, we strongly suggest court shoes for support 

• A tennis racket. No problem if you dont have one, loaner racquets are available. 

• We suggest not purchasing a new racquet until an instructor can make a recommendation.

• Sunscreen and a hat are recommended. 

• We have filling stations on each court, but we recommend bringing a water bottle.

• Write your name on all equipment with a permanent marker. 

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